My father ran a business. My mother taught English. I earned a bachelor's in business and a master's in journalism. I’ve made a career developing advertising and marketing materials for complex products and services, from software to healthcare. If you have messages to be written, I was born to write them.

The Learning Corp


marketing writer
Newton, Massachusetts
I write consumer and business content for this digital health company. Just one example: My rewrite of our most successful Facebook ad slashed the cost per app install 70%!

Don’t miss out on an opportunity to work with Patrick.
— Brett Rudy, director of marketing,


2006–2009 & 2010–2017
(Yes, two stints, interrupted by the Great Recession)

Patrick brings out the best in teams, resulting in clear, concise writing that conveys key messages and gets results.
— Ian Howell, Borealis Ventures, former Newforma CEO

senior marketing manager
Manchester, New Hampshire
Worked with co-founders, sales reps, graphic designers, web developers, product managers, and PR consultants to develop persuasive content, from product literature to publicity.

Patrick Gillam Copywriting

2003–2006 & 2009–2010 & 2017–present

Clients ask for Patrick by name! I’ve never had that with a copywriter.
— Michael Bednaz, WaLa Marketing

creative director & copywriter
New England and the Midwest
Drafted compelling short- and long-form copy on brief, on time, and within budget.



account executive & associate creative director
Manchester, New Hampshire
Wrote websites, case studies, product literature and more for clients ranging from healthcare to manufacturing.

Excels at getting to the heart of the marketing issue.
— Maria Dean Curran, former chief operating officer, Mediastream

Patrick is good at understanding complex products and services and communicating the benefits in whatever medium is appropriate.
— Jeff Mulligan, former vice president, Petzold Advertising

Petzold Advertising


senior account executive & writer
Bedford, New Hampshire
Specialized in technical business-to-business marketing.

An amazing talent! Quickly understands the issues. Offers solutions that produce results. And a great collaborator.
— Mark Travers, Informed, Inc.

The Travers Group
(now MediaCross)


creative director & copywriter
St. Louis, Missouri
Developed consultative selling programs to open markets, launch products, and increase sales in telecommunications, banking, manufacturing, energy and other industries.



The world's first school of journalism. The head start has served it well.

master of arts, journalism
University of Missouri
Columbia, Missouri

Maharishi U. was named after the Beatles' meditation teacher. No kidding!

bachelor of arts cum laude, business administration
Maharishi International University
Fairfield, Iowa