Photo by    Rachel Waller

Photo by Rachel Waller


It’s easy for marketing messages to go sideways.

Your product is probably hard to explain. Maybe it’s new. It’s certainly complicated.

Prospects don’t give you much time to make your point. (They’ll give you what—20 seconds? 280 characters?)

You serve multiple markets whose interests not only differ, but may even conflict. Market A resents with being lumped in with Market B.

Against those challenges, I guide your message to its clearest, most persuasive form.

I specialize in simple messaging for complex products and services.

I write content in all its forms: Case studies. Blog posts. Ebooks. White papers. Product literature. Websites. Facebook ads. Social media updates. Video scripts.

I ghost-write customer bylines for industry publications.

But before I start writing, I ask questions. Where does this piece fit in your larger marketing program? What’s it supposed to accomplish? How do prospects find it?

My questions help smart people think through difficult issues. It’s fun!

Is the problem with your message? Or something else?

Let’s be honest: Sometimes the marketing message is not the barrier to growth. But until you get the message right, you can’t rule it out.

So let’s get the message right.

Get your marketing message on the right path.

If you like to get really geeky about your message and strategy, we might right for each other. To find out, take these three steps:

  1. Let’s talk on the phone for 20 minutes to compare your needs with my strengths.

  2. If we agree I may be able to contribute, let’s schedule an in-person conversation.

  3. At your request, I’ll submit a proposal to address the marketing and publicity challenges you describe to me.

See my portfolio for examples and my résumé for testimonials.

Your marketing message guides customers to you. Don’t you want to make it as easy for them—and yourself—as you can?